Let's see. I'm a twentysomething student from New York that apparently can't get enough of reading and my second home is the library. Currently I'm studying political science and while I love it, it's nice to have a good story every now and then to break things up. If I'm not falling asleep at my desk with a book, I'm falling asleep on my bed with a book (and probably a few cats).

Random facts!
- The aforementioned cats: there are three of them. Previously two, but one wandered into our yard and never left. Now she sleeps on my bed.

- I've lived for almost a year in Asia and that's transformed my habits a bit. If I lapse into strange grammar patterns I apologise; at least I'll try to keep them to English. :)

- Aside from books, music* is my life and I attend more concerts annually than I ought to admit. Still, there's something to be said for the rush of live music. I'd equate it with the first reading of a great book.

- I study human rights and am always analysing this and that and so it's entirely possible I'll carry this over to some of my reviews. It's a habit I haven't been able to break, being analytical.

- Updated Fall 2012: Now I'm a reading intern at Spencer Hill Press, and also an editorial assistant for my school's literary magazine as well as for an unnamed academic journal. Grateful and so, so excited!

I've made a tumblr for this blog to let you see a bit more about me, so feel free to take a look:

so, why make a blog?
When you love something you want to talk about it. A lot. And while it's fun to bombard people with intricate details of why I really loved Cinna or that Eddard Stark has such an well-grounded sense of honor, it really is only fun until their eyes start to glaze over and suddenly that person across the room looks incredibly interesting. Here I can write freely and share the things I like with other people who may also like them with the best thing being that exchange of opinion. Maybe someone else really likes Ned Stark's sense of honor, but likes even more how it's so deeply rooted into their family life without any outright effort.

You see I'm getting sidetracked here already.

There will be fun and squee but also proper reviews, critique and comparison. I hope you'll enjoy the ride as much as I enjoy the book.

*recently on last.fm:



I am presently on hiatus into the foreseeable future. You can find me on twitter, tumblr, or my writing website, wooordsea.com

See you there!

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