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Q: What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

If it could be done in a fitting manner, The Night Circus would be absolutely stunning. It would need to be a film and you'd have to have someone artistic like Guillermo del Toro - though not necessarily him - to direct it. When I read books I don't imagine them with a specific cast in mind; the freedom to imagine the landscape and the characters as information comes across little by little is the best possible thing about a book for me.

One must would be though that Celia be played by an American and Marco someone English. Bad accents or having to try harder than necessary to envision a character rather throws me off.

I'm sort of imagining a cutout (stop-motion) animation title that bleeds into the opening scene. I could go on, but, you get the idea.

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WickedWillow wrote: Fri Mar 02, 01:53:00 PM

Okay that sounds awesome. I love whole "cutout (stop-motion) animation title that bleeds into the opening scene" part!!
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Alison Can Read wrote: Sat Mar 03, 12:14:00 AM

Hopping through. I thought Celia was British too. I can't remember.

Anonymous wrote: Sat Mar 03, 08:31:00 AM

I've never read the Night Circus, but from your description, it sounds like it would be a GREAT movie to watch!

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Anonymous wrote: Sun Mar 04, 02:16:00 PM

First of all --- OMG I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG DESIGN! <3 With this out of the way (seriously, I'm such a sucker for pretty things LOL), I haven't read The Night Circus, but from all the great things I've heard about it, it definitely would be something worth watching :)

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We Heart YA wrote: Wed Mar 14, 02:09:00 PM

Omg LOOOOVE your idea! For the record, Erin Morgenstern has said that the movie HAS been optioned, and maybe even that a screenwriter is attached... (we forget! don't hold us to that!) so it seems like a Night Circus movie is a definite possibility.

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