to share or not to share?

A question to my fellow bloggers who are also writers or perhaps vice versa:

How do you feel about posting snippets or passages of your writing on your blog for public consumption? It's something I've struggled with recently, with all of the usual (I'm presuming) fears. I like it, but can others? Does it make sense? Do you (as a reader) want to read more? And, for me, the most pressing - will putting it out there change my perspective on it? Can I finish writing when I'm already receiving input? Will I be intimidated and not finish?

It's a big jumble of fear.

I suppose an issue for me is that I don't write sequentially, though I know now most of the gaps that I need to fill in and have a decent enough mental draft of how things will go. My brain will fill in the character progression in between; I reckon it's fairly decent at doing that job. 

That's the funny thing about writing, I guess. The more you want to share it with people, the more you're afraid it could all just fall apart. Tenuous at times, isn't it?

(And, have no fear, there will be a review up this weekend for Fever after I finish writing my midterms; they end Friday.)

4 comments on "to share or not to share?"

Christina Reads YA wrote: Sun Mar 18, 06:59:00 PM

I don't post my writing for others to see because of fears similar to those. I often email my friends the snippets I want to share--sometimes they give me critiques, sometimes not--and when I need someone to really look at my writing, I have critique partners.

RE: feeling intimidated--I think it depends on who replies. I would hope most people would be sensitive, but you never know. My very first critiques came from my friends, and their harsh criticism put me off writing for weeks. I guess the ultimate question is whether or not you feel as though whatever you will get from it will be worth it.

Jenny wrote: Sun Mar 18, 11:35:00 PM

I can totally understand your fear. I also find sometimes if I share too much or talk about my writing I lose interest in it. For others, though, it's the opposite. So, I say just do what feels right to you. I'd love to read some of your stuff. ;)

We Heart YA wrote: Tue Mar 20, 05:45:00 PM

Lol yeah, it's a catch-22. Three of us have, in the past, posted snippets online for feedback. Sarah still does it in the context of contests, while Steph is mostly too busy lately, Ingrid doesn't trust the internet a ton, and Kristan prefers to create online-specific content. Plus now they have each other to share with, so getting opinions from "the masses" is less necessary.

The thing is, what are you looking for? Validation? Criticism? Cheerleading? Posting work online CAN garner all those things -- and surely would, from this crowd. :)

What are you afraid of? People not liking it? The ideas being stolen? Unlikely -- again, given this crowd -- but possible, sure. But if you really want to be a writer, those are always going to be risks.

So you weigh and balance. The good with the bad. Then you have to make the call. We'll support your decision either way.

Jillian wrote: Sun Mar 25, 06:11:00 AM

It's scary, but then again, that's the life of being a writer. I figure we should get a stronger skin and take whatever comments heads our way!

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