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Shift, Jeri Smith-Ready
Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi (review)

Thanks to some great Black Friday deals, free shipping, and a coupon I was able to get some books. The hardcover of Shatter Me is too pretty to pass up, and I want to support Tahereh by purchasing the final copy. (Love, loved this book.) And Shade is one I read a few months back and found the premise really interesting, and just wasn't able to get Shift until now. I've already read it and am unsure how I feel about it. I want to like it, but I have some issues. I might write a non-review post about the things it brings up.

Also, don't forget my giveaway of two ebooks of Mistakes!

What's in your mailbox this week, friends? :)

18 comments on "in my mailbox (30)"

Kristina wrote: Sun Dec 04, 11:04:00 AM

Shatter Me was so good! I am so glad that I read it. I have yet to read Shade, but I can't wait to start it. I hope that you enjoy your new books!

Ladybug Storytime

Rabbit wrote: Sun Dec 04, 11:07:00 AM

I really want to read Shatter Me! Enjoy!

Rumana @ Relook the Book

Lea (YA Book Queen) wrote: Sun Dec 04, 11:33:00 AM

Great books, Kaye! Shift is really good, so long as you ignore some of the teen drama in the story :)

Jac (Two Moms Reading) wrote: Sun Dec 04, 12:29:00 PM

I won Shatter Me this week, and I am so excited for it!! Happy reading!

Please stop by and see what I got In My Mailbox this week!

Sarah (The Book Life) wrote: Sun Dec 04, 12:49:00 PM

The Shade series is my favorite! I loved Shift and I can't wait for Shine! Shatter Me was really great, too. Great books :0)


Vy wrote: Sun Dec 04, 02:01:00 PM

I went straight to the store on Shatter Me's release day just to see all of the pretty and shiny covers. Loved that book like crazy.

Don't we just love Black Friday for book deals ;)

Unknown wrote: Sun Dec 04, 02:15:00 PM

I am dying to get Shatter Me! I loved Shift, happy reading :)

Amber (Books of Amber) wrote: Sun Dec 04, 02:32:00 PM

Shift is AWESOME, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I can't wait for the third book to be released.

Books of Amber

Anonymous wrote: Sun Dec 04, 04:57:00 PM

Enjoy! Shatter Me is awesome!!

Check out my haul this week:

A Cupcake and a Latte: Young Adult Reviews!

caffeinejunkie wrote: Sun Dec 04, 04:59:00 PM

Cool books! Free shipping and coupons are always awesome!:)

Paige wrote: Sun Dec 04, 05:19:00 PM

I love the covers of both books and i can't wait to read Shatter Me. I hope you enjoy everything! Come check out my IMM!!

Wee Shubba wrote: Sun Dec 04, 06:03:00 PM

Oh Shatter Me, so cant wait to read that one

Totally Bookalicious IMM

Giselle wrote: Sun Dec 04, 08:09:00 PM

Ooh Shatter Me is fabulous!! <3

Xpresso Reads

Melissa (i swim for oceans) wrote: Sun Dec 04, 10:30:00 PM

Shatter Me is such a good book. I hope you love it! Enjoy your new reads :)

A Beautiful Madness wrote: Mon Dec 05, 12:04:00 PM

Loevd Shatter me. I haven't read Shift, but I need to read this series. Heard a lot of good comments about it.
A Beautiful Madness

Marathon wrote: Tue Dec 06, 03:08:00 PM

Ugh, I hate you for having both of these books. Well not really but you're so lucky. Turn around so I can steal them.

I've been pining for Shatter Me for the longest, and my hope is that before the year is out I get to read it. And I loved Shade, so why the heck haven't I read Shift yet, I ask you? It's a mystery to me.

Have an awesome reading week!

- Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

Hannah Mariska wrote: Sat Dec 10, 07:03:00 AM

I really want to read Shatter Me! Haven't read Shift or Shade, but will look them up :)

bibliophile brouhaha wrote: Sat Dec 10, 12:47:00 PM

Well, hello, new best friend, as I see you have "The Case for Carly" button on your sidebar! That, and your blog's awesome design, makes you full of WIN! And to that, you got Shatter Me!!! I can't wait to read that!


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