armchair bea: a cat nap on the lap

I thought for a long time about attending BEA this year but I knew too little and would have been overwhelmed. The thought that this is happening in my backyard and I'm not there is somewhat of a bummer and so here I am attending the Annual Armchair BEA! I'm sure by Friday I'll feel as if I've attended myself and will hopefully have met lots of amazing bloggers and so - take that BEA! (...this year, anyhow!)

Welcome to my armchair desk:

Sora says hi and is wondering why I kicked him off my lap
to take this picture. Ungrateful human.

kaye (of paper reader)
Twitter: @papereader
Tumblr: No tumblr for paper reader. Do I need one?

Tell us about yourself in 140 characters words or less.
Starting school in the fall to study political science and hoping to work with women's human rights  - UNDP, I'm looking at you! Studying abroad changed my life and I can't wait to do it again. Animal lover and bff of three lovely kitties. Pescetarian. Favorite colors are blue, silver, and black. Language nut. Plays a string instrument and also is an aspiring banjo player (one day!). Loves the Dave Matthews Band, Sakanaction, and lemon bars.

If you could put one book in the hands of everyone you come in contact with, what would it be and why?
I'm going to cheat. I'm sorry. But a few things immediately came into mind. For a fiction book I would give Brave New World as not only is it my favorite book but every time I read it I am blown away by how Huxley's writing more than aptly touches upon the topic of the future and its possibilities with the continuing advent of technology. For non-fiction it would unquestionably be Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

If you could have lunch with any author, living or not, who would it be and where/what would you eat?
Homer. Hands down. And hopefully he'd let me take him to Knossos on Crete where we'd eat falafel and I'd get the nitty gritty about 
Odysseus and how breathtaking Helen really was. I'd also hope he'd give me a lekythos because I adore them. (Yeah, Classics major much?)

That's that! Welcome to the start of BEA week!

8 comments on "armchair bea: a cat nap on the lap"

Paula Krapf wrote: Mon May 23, 06:28:00 PM


I enjoyed learning about you and your blog. I love Sora in that photo. Computers seem to be a magnet for cats. And reading. Clearly it's also quality time for cats :) Good luck with your studies - working with women's humans rights sounds awesome!

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth wrote: Mon May 23, 07:34:00 PM

Hello, nice to meet you! =)

I'm starting to think it's well worth doing some kind of survey or study of book bloggers to see how many of us have cats. I think practically every introduction I've read today talks about their cats! Don't get me wrong, I'm a total cat person, I just think it's funny.

Jenny wrote: Mon May 23, 07:57:00 PM

Sora is a very handsome kitty. I like striped kitties the best but mine's a snowshoe siamese. Fun, fun, getting to know you better.

Jennifer A wrote: Mon May 23, 08:52:00 PM

I love the picture! Sora is looking at you like "what the frick?". LOL.

Mmmmm, lemon bars. I haven't had one in ages! Sounds awesome right about now.

Jennifer of Little Shelf

Esme wrote: Mon May 23, 10:32:00 PM

What a sweet kitty-Kudos on your career choice-I hope you make an impact. Have you read The Dressmaker of Khair Khana.

Alison Can Read wrote: Mon May 23, 10:38:00 PM

Welcome to Armchair BEA! Blue, silver, and black is a great color combo.

Angela's Anxious Life wrote: Mon May 23, 11:49:00 PM

I love your cat!!


XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

kaye (paper reader) wrote: Thu May 26, 11:47:00 PM

@Paula: Computers really are cat magnets! I had to clean off my desk for my new computer and they were angry they couldn't sit on it next to me any longer and so would hop on my lap instead. That is until I moved the big pile of books off and now they cuddle with the computer, it's adorable. And thank you - I really appreciate the well wishes and I'm excited at the opportunity to help. An eternal student. :)

@Ashley: I have a really delicious recipe for them somewhere. If I find it I'll share it with you. I made it once, really time consuming, gosh were they scrumptious!

@Esme: I'm pretty sure your blog represents my life: food, books and cats. And I have not read that book but I literally just added it to my goodreads. Thank you so much!

@Alison: Aww, thank you! Can I say that I love the sakura on your blog design? Lovely. :)

@Alison: My kitties are incredibly friendly and so they probably are purring happily at that!

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