okay, let me have a moment here

I am sort of freaking out right know. It's almost the same sort of feeling (maybe) as if I was contacted due to winning a signed copy of Divergent - except I, you know, haven't. (Appendages still crossed for that one.) 

If any of you have ever read my 'who, me?' page then you've had a glimpse as to how much I love music. Music is my heart. There's rarely a time when I'm not listening to it. After putting on my seat belt it's the first thing I do in my car. I write to music, read to music, fall asleep - you get the picture. A good song is like a good book with the lyrics as the story and the instruments the finely sculpted words that make it whole. 

The musical love of my life is the Dave Matthews Band. I've been to about 40 concerts, have their entire discography and can relate a song of theirs to basically any emotion. My boyfriend likes to play a game where he'll turn on my DMB playlist in iTunes and play less than a second of a song only for me to be able to guess the title. (I've never been wrong yet.) 

You might be wondering, kaye, what does this have anything to do with a book blog? Well, Eleni over at La Femme Readers had a post that asked what our other hobbies or interests were and I meant to make a music post but I wasn't sure how to fit it in. However, Nikki Van Noy has written a book in memory of their 20th anniversary entitled So Much To Say (after a song title) and somehow I just realised it was on the list as a galley and I scooped it right up. 

I am beyond ecstatic at being able to read this. Funny the way it is indeed.

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