organising things, creating things

Good morning, everyone! It's that sort of sunny day outside that makes you believe you can get anything done. My big projects for today and the next week or so is to sort of give my room an overhaul so that I have a better place to study with the added benefit of having a better workspace to blog in!

At the present everything is a bit of a mess, but it's always that way before it gets better. Cleaning out my closet I found boxes and boxes of books.  Once everything is straightened I'm going to make a bookshelf. I'm toying with the idea of having everything lined up chromatically, but...that might be a bit difficult to find something. The idea of a bookshelf makes me all sorts of giddy.

And what do you guys think about reading in this?

fishbol bookbench - with a pillow and a throw blanket... y/n?

I'll show you guys when I'm done! And to come later - a review of 
Uglies & Pretties!

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