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Good morning, everyone! I always tend to do these things when I just wake up so my answers are probably a little zanier than they might be otherwise. That's not entirely a bad thing, though! And I could have sworn that I did the Book Blogger Hop once before, but maybe I never posted it. Funny. Here they are!

This week's question courtesy of Parajunkee's Follow Friday is:

Q. It's circle time. Time for us to open up and share. Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them...
  1. Probably the quirkiest bit is an area where I'm slightly OCD. When walking I usually avoid stepping on the cracks of sidewalks so that I'm timing my steps in between each large block so that I don't step on it or I make sure I step in connecting diagonals so that my steps are even. I do this with patterned floors too so that I step in only the blocks that have the pattern, not the plain ones. I know. Welcome to my crazy OCD.
  2. When I'm tired I often revert to speaking in a language other than English. Not because it's my native language, but because it's less work: getting to say less while still meaning the same thing.
  3. I love sandals and will wear any variety of them as often as I can throughout there year as long as there isn't snow outside. Yet I hate the hot hot humid weather. 70s? Fine. Lower 80s? Okay. 90s? No, thank you.
  4. Traveling by train or by bike is my favorite way to travel. Last year I was on a 20 hour train ride from New York to my friend's wedding and although it was long and tiring the people, stories, and gorgeous bits of my country that I've never seen were more than worth it.
  5. I have a thing of Burt's Bees in pretty much every accessible spot. On my desk, next to my bed, in my car, and every bag. The peppermint scent is fabulous and it works so well!

This week's question via Crazy-for-Books is:
"If you were given the chance to spend one day in a fictional world (from a book), which book would it be from and what would that place be?"

This question is ridiculously difficult. Even though the setting of JKR's Harry Potter series isn't that different from ours, the magic certainly is. I was just at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and seeing it still was breathtaking enough; being able to see it alive and move as Jo wrote would be astounding. One of my favorite characters is Severus Snape, so the chance to meet him would have me at a faint, I'm sure. Aaaaand I want another glass of butterbeer. I have my cup already.

Breakfast time! I can't wait to see what fun quirks everyone has and where'd you go. After reading all of the answers I'll probably ask you to bring me with you!

20 comments on "follow friday (3) and book blogger hop (1)"

Jules wrote: Fri May 20, 10:24:00 AM

I like travelling train but I live in the UK - nowhere is 20 hours away!

I'm a new follower! :D


Feel free to stop by my blog -

Getting Your Read On wrote: Fri May 20, 10:34:00 AM

You have such a cute blog. I love holding "real" books in my hand too. I'm a new follower from the hop. Happy Friday!


Loren Chase wrote: Fri May 20, 11:20:00 AM

Jelly Beans can be tricky and sneaky! They all look so cute but not all of them taste good. Maybe you just haven't found the flavor for you! I love the pink ones and the cherry ones. I try to stick to the normal flavors lol. I love Burt's Bees as well! And I completely agree with you on the cracks and patterns on the floor, I can be totally OCD about it as well.


Christy @ TheReaderBee wrote: Fri May 20, 11:26:00 AM

I always walk over cracks too. LOL! I guess it's just a habit, but my kids do it too! I love flip flops, but just recently started liking them. I always had to keep my feet covered. I'm a freak. :) lol!

Anonymous wrote: Fri May 20, 11:42:00 AM

New follower!

Where I live you have to travel by car. Everything is too far away to walk or bike. There are no trains nearby.

I also am a sandal-freak. I love them! I'll wear them as long as I possibly can.


Ninja Girl wrote: Fri May 20, 01:05:00 PM

Hi there!
The cracks thing is interesting. I can't even imagine doing that (me=too clumsy). I'd probably fall over or something trying to veer around them all :/ Anywhoo, thanks for visiting my blog, and I can't wait to see what you thought of Julia Karr's 16!
New follower,
Ninja Girl

Alissa wrote: Fri May 20, 01:26:00 PM

I'd pick the wizarding world, too! Who wouldn't want to vist Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?

Also, I'm a new follower. Cute blog. :]

kathy wrote: Fri May 20, 02:12:00 PM

I'm so jealous you got to go to the Wizarding World. I live on the wrong side of the country for that. :) And I'm a sandal-loving girl, too.

New follower!
kathy from Read This Instead

Jenny wrote: Fri May 20, 02:42:00 PM

I can be a little OCD too. And even if my feet are freezing I love sandals. I start wearing them as soon as possible in the spring and wear them long into the fall.

Hannah Mariska wrote: Fri May 20, 03:01:00 PM

20 hour train ride! Gah!
Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley would definitely be fun places to visit!

Kaity wrote: Fri May 20, 09:19:00 PM

Thanks for stopping by Bitten Books :)

I've been to the Wizarding World of HP too! I was so emotional the whole time, I was like one of those fangirls who cries when they meet their favorite celebrity. The Beauxbaton dancers would walk by or I'd see the Hogsmeade sign and I'd get all teary.

kaye (paper reader) wrote: Fri May 20, 09:54:00 PM

@Jules That's even more fabulous, not needing to travel! I've never been to the UK but I'm hoping to make up for that in the next year or so. Taking a train there must be gorgeous!

@Aimee: Thank you! I was nervous with it when I made it but it reflects me and so I like it, too. :) Happy Friday to you!

@Loren: I think so, too. I try some every now and again to make sure. I remember I was abroad once and my friends and I were eating Bertie Bott's on a train - that was a crazy experience! I usually gor for the pink and red ones, too.

@Christy: It's so weird, isn't it? I don't realise it most of the time but when I do it really throws me off! Flip flops are great and because they're usually pretty cheap they're easy to accessorise with your outfit. I'm a Birkenstock fan myself. :)

@Amanda Hello! I wish we had a better train infrastructure; maybe one day. It's nice to drive too, though on a sunny day with the windows down! And, whoo - another sandal lover! I knew there were others!

kaye (paper reader) wrote: Fri May 20, 10:01:00 PM

@Ninja Girl: Hiya! I think I just have a weird thing for lines. I trace shapes, too. I looked it up once and wiki yelled OCD at me. I'm a bit of a klutz, too, so I'm surprised I haven't walked into something yet. And you're welcome - XVI was good, but not great. It's worth a read, though.

@Alissa: I think the more difficult question would to people if you could only pick ONE place to visit, where would you go? I bet the answers there would be pretty different. And thank you! :)

@Kathy: I just happened to be visiting Florida last month and there was no way I would be near Orlando without going, even if my visit was terribly short due to crazy rain and tornadoes coming in! I don't have lots of shoes, really, but if I could have lots of sandals, well... :)

@Jenny: I am the same way! I will admit, I do the sock and sandal thing at home on occasion when it's chilly but not usually out. I just love being able to slip my sandals on and go. And they're soooo comfy.

@Hannah: Near the end my legs were killing me, and I'm petite! It's great during the day but when it's night and every other dark town looks the same as another it's not that fabulous any more. Yikes.

@Kaity: I know exactly what you mean! You don't ever get to really live your books so to be able to walk through it was so mindblowing that I couldn't even really process what I was doing. "Oh, I'm on line at Hogwarts. No big deal." As if I do that daily! So fabulous. Thanks, Jo!

Marla wrote: Fri May 20, 10:02:00 PM

Hi, Kaye! Thanks for stopping by. The world of Harry Potter is a pretty popular choice this week. If only I wasn't sick of school right now. :P Have a great weekend.

Alison Can Read wrote: Fri May 20, 10:03:00 PM

Hopping through. When I'm tired or lazy, I drop consonants at the end of words, like "g" or "d".
My Hop

Annette Mills wrote: Sat May 21, 08:40:00 AM

I'm not a train person. The rocking makes me kind of sick, and then I'm unable to read! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy reading!

Shana wrote: Sat May 21, 10:40:00 AM

#2 I think that is neat! I wish I could do that but my French and Chinese are so fluent. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Feature and Follow Friday blog hop (finishing from last night!). Would love a follow back: I also have twitter: @wlbks. Have a 'good read' weekend!

Elizabeth wrote: Sat May 21, 11:24:00 AM

Harry Potter seems to be winning.

Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

I would want to be in Louise Penny’s fictional city of Three Pines.

Stop by my blog if you like.


Unknown wrote: Sat May 21, 10:45:00 PM

Hopping by to visit and follow! I love the Burt's Bees addiction. I used to be in a theater group where everyone had to have their own Burts with them at all times. :-) JKR's world is a great, classic choice of a place to visit.

Unknown wrote: Sun May 22, 08:33:00 PM

Hi. Great Blog. I am a new follower via the blog hop. Would love to have to follow my blog at

Thanks. Donna

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