happy divergent day!

I feel like a lot of my 'waiting for' posts have either mentioned or touched upon Divergent, mainly because this is a book I've been insanely excited for since sometime last year and having the chance to walk into a bookstore and have it in my hands was fabulous! I can only imagine what it must be like for Miss Veronica Roth, so many many congratulations to her.

There will be a review, but probably not for a few days as I'd like to do maybe a double-review for Uglies & Pretties beforehand.

So since this is a book blog that just happens to be written by yours truly...I'd like to say...

I LOVED DIVERGENT! If I have dreams about faction initiation tonight I won't be surprised.

Anyone else excited? Did you run to the bookstore on your lunch break like I did? (I also picked up The Goddess Test, since it's not available, oddly enough, in my library system.) Let me know - I'm curious! Does that mean I can't be Abnegation...? :)

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