one thing you look for in every book

The one thing I look for in every piece of fiction is action agreement. It bugs me to no end if I can't figure out how John came to be sitting next to Jane when just a few paragraphs ago he was across the room. I will literally spend upwards of 10 minutes trying to trace their movements pages back until I can understand and see how it happened. Most action disagreement, I've noticed, tends to happen when two people are close to one another and John is standing behind Jane, looking broodily off until seconds later, and after an internal monologue by Jane, he suddenly has his hand on her shoulder and is staring into her eyes.

This has always thrown me off and I have no idea why. Suffice to say it can take me a very long time to read scenes where there's lots of emotional action involved, but I can't stop looking! Is this something that stands out to anyone else? Are there any other quirks you notice while reading?

(And is there a better term for this? I tried to search but I'm not quite sure Google knows what I'm trying to find.)

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