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As I've finished all of my IMM books so far, and although I still have two reviews to write for them, here are some books I picked up at the library yesterday to keep me busy for the rest of the week. All of them are contemporary, which is a nice change.

Like Mandarin, Kirsten Hubbard (goodreads)
Stay, Deb Caletti (goodreads)
If I Stay, Gayle Forman (goodreads)

I've also scheduled a review for The Goddess Test to post sometime later today when I'm gone, so hopefully that goes well. It's a lovely, sunny day outside here and I hope it's the same for you all. Any updates to what you're reading or doing?

5 comments on "what I'm reading update"

We Heart YA wrote: Tue May 10, 09:15:00 AM

Just picked up PULL OF GRAVITY by Gae Polisner, which I've been anticipating for some time! (Debuted today.)

Marla wrote: Tue May 10, 11:29:00 AM

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I've been debating on whether or not I want to take a chance on The Goddess Test, so I'll be coming back to look at your review. Have a great day!

Jenny wrote: Tue May 10, 11:48:00 AM

I haven't heard of the other two but I wasn't overly fond of If I Stay, but don't worry, everyone else loved it. Can't wait to here what you have to say on The Goddess Test.

Maia wrote: Tue May 10, 02:39:00 PM

Awesome books! I loved If I stay. Hope you do too!

kaye (paper reader) wrote: Tue May 10, 06:15:00 PM

@We Heart YA: I've read about that one somewhere and it seemed good, although I forget what it was about. I'll have to peek back in with you guys and see!

@Marla: You're welcome! My scheduled post was a failure, but I went ahead and did it manually. I'm interested to see what you think of the book. :)

@Jenny: I've seen so much about IF I STAY that it's a book I have somewhat high expectations for, but we'll see! I got the silly review for THE GODDESS TEST to go through as the schedule wasn't...working so well. I'll have to look into that.

@Maia: I'm excited about them, too! I'm going to be leisurely with reading them this week.

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