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Top Ten Sequels I'm Dying To Read: As always, in no particular order.

1. Insurgent by Veronica Roth: This is easy. You may or may not know that I'm ridiculous lover of Divergent (which is in part why it was the US giveaway choice) and so getting to know more about the whys behind the who and what is going to be rather interesting. More Tris and more Four? Yes. I also love Veronica's writing.

2. Unwholly by Neal Shusterman: This one is not so easy. (And I'm sure by even mentioning this author that I'm going to unleash another slew of kids looking for book report answers: there are none, read the books.) I considered Unwind to be a complete story, so I'm sort of hesitant about this choice but I know I'll end up purchasing and reading it anyhow.

3. Black Heart by Holly Black: Okay, so I haven't even finished White Cat but I can already tell that is a series I love and a world I want to spend more time in. I love Cassel as an MC - he's bright and blunt and hesitant but acts anyway. And the fact that Holly created this whole, completely original background for the workers and so seamlessly integrated it into our own history is pretty darn mind-blowing. Suffice to say that I'm really enjoying it.

4. The Winds of Winter by George R. R. Martin: Please, please let there not be six years in-between books. I don't think I could stand it. That said, I know I'd wait however long it took, but I would much rather it be sooner rather than later. The whole world of Westeros is on the cusp of so much to happen and Winter Is Coming, and well, things are going to get realllllll interesting.

5. Mara Dyer #2 by Michelle Hodkin: I was left pleasantly clueless and fulfilled all at once at the end of this one, and yet I want to know more about what is happening to Mara and Noah and what started what is happening and where it's all going to go.

6. Fever by Lauren DeStefano: I want to know more about this world and what makes it tick. I want to hope Rhine makes the correct decision for her, whatever that ends up being. To be honest, I'm just so curious. And I think I need to re-read Wither.

7. Dustlands #2 (Blood Red Road sequel) by Moira Young: No idea when this one is coming out, but Blood Red Road was a book that I truly enjoyed. It was refreshing and the writing and world-building completely engrossing. More Saba and Emi please.

8. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins: Sooo...I haven't read Lola yet, but I sped through Anna like there was no tomorrow (well, I did read it during a hurricane) and as Isla was a character in Anna and the French Kiss I wonder if we are back in Paris to wrap things up? So far away, this one!

9. The Drowned Cities by Paolo Baciagalupi: Not much is known about this one, other than that it purportedly comes out next year and is a sequel to The Ship Breaker. It's because it's a sequel to that that I want to read it quite badly.

10. Daughter of Smoke & Bone #2 by Laini Taylor: There's absolutely no information released about this one, but by the ending of the first book there's going to be a sequel and I'm 1000% okay with that. Here's for hoping for next year. This is a world I desperately want to get back to!

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Katie wrote: Tue Sep 06, 03:26:00 PM

I had no idea about Unwholly! I am with you - for me, Unwind was a complete story unto itself. But I'm curious to see what Shusterman comes up with in the sequel, so I will definitely read it.

I'm also excited for both Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After - can't wait!

Great list. Here's mine.

Anonymous wrote: Tue Sep 06, 04:00:00 PM

Great list! Divergent is definitely on the top of my TBR pile! I also listed Fever. Here's my list. Happy reading!

Kristan wrote: Tue Sep 06, 04:08:00 PM

You've got such an awesome list going here. I'm obsessed with practically every book up there. Fever, Insurgent, Isla and the Happily Ever After, Mara Dyer #2, and Unwholly. I would become a hermit for the next few weeks if I had all of those books =)

Here's my Top Ten Tuesday

Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Christy @ TheReaderBee wrote: Tue Sep 06, 04:20:00 PM

I'm dying for Mara Dyer #2!!!

Jenny wrote: Tue Sep 06, 05:03:00 PM

Fun list! Doesn't it just depress you when one of the sequels you're looking forward to probably isn't even in the works yet? :(

kathy wrote: Tue Sep 06, 05:06:00 PM

I've seen so many people pick that Holly Black series for this question. I definitely need to look into it. :) And I can't wait to read Lola or Isla, either.

Anonymous wrote: Tue Sep 06, 07:23:00 PM

I hear Daughters of Smoke & Bone is good! Will have to read the first one!

Here's my Top 10 Tuesday!

Sue Jackson wrote: Tue Sep 06, 07:59:00 PM

My son just finished Divergent and loved it! It's definitely on my list now.

Good list -


Anonymous wrote: Wed Sep 07, 05:26:00 AM

I didn't release there was a sequel to Unwind either. The story seemed complete by the end of the book - also it freaked me out and Im not sure Id pick up a sequel lol

My Top Ten this week

Amy @ Turn the Page

TG wrote: Thu Sep 08, 07:15:00 AM

You sure do like to jump ahead when it comes to books! I wasn't aware of many of these sequels, but when the first book is good, you do have to keep reading.

Unknown wrote: Thu Sep 08, 09:25:00 AM

Hopping through, great collection of books! I've also got Fever and Insurgent in my Top Ten Tuesday  list.

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