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Top Ten Books I Feel As Though Everyone Has Read But Me

1. Anything Sarah Dessen: It may just be a mental thing, but every time I look at one I get the feeling that they're not things that I would enjoy. The covers all seem to have girls in jeans not facing forward with no head, which is also a bit off-putting. Tell me, guys, is there something I'm missing? (I know Alissa loves them! One day I'll try, I promise.)

2. The Book Thief, Markus Zusak: I really have no excuse for this one other than that I'm playing perpetual catch up with my TBR list. I bought it a month or so ago and it's been taunting me, but I haven't gotten to it yet. This, though, is a book I want to devote some time to as it's going to be pretty emotional.

3. The Kingkiller Chronicles (Patrick Rothfuss): Again. No excuse. I own them both now, having bought the second one last week for $6 at Borders. I've heard such amazing things so I really need to get on this. Maybe over winter break? They seem like good hot chocolate and curling up books. 

3. Anything by Cassandra Claire: This one has been by choice. I know they're insanely popular, but I'm just not interested.

4. Crank, Ellen Hopkins: I really want to read this one, but I've just been thrown off by the layout. Poor excuse. I will read it.

5. Lola and the Boy Next Door, Stephanie Perkins: This one hasn't even been released yet but I feel like everyone and their mum has read it. And I'm glad for this post, as I forgot that it comes out next week. I think I should just give a portion of my paycheck to Posman's so I can just go in and pick up books.

6. Paranormalcy by Kiersten White: I'm incredibly embarrassed to name this one as this one was one I was gifted from some of my favorite ladies at WeHeartYa, and I haven't read it yet. I need a reading vacation. I'm really looking forward to it, though, and think once I catch up on review pile that this is one I'll be reading.

7. On the Jellicoe Road, Melina Marchetta: This is one of those authors where I haven't read anything by them yet, but some crazy literary instinct tells me that I should go out and get all of her books because they're going to be good.

8. If I Stay, Gayle Forman: Another book that I want to spend some time with. I'm pretty sure I own this one, but it's getting difficult to see all of the books on my shelf. (Found it!)

9. Hold Still, Nina LaCour: Pretty sure that this is a sneaky book that a lot of people seem to have read, but don't really talk about. I've got this one on my shelf, too. I need to check out books from the library of Kaye.

10. The Adoration of Jenna Fox, Mary E. Pearson: This book hits all of my interest points but I just haven't gotten to it yet. This is one I can't check out from the library of Kaye, though. I'm quite looking forward to it along with The Fox Inheritance. 

These posts are the ones that take me the longest to compose as I always feel guilty and as if I'm leaving something out that I should have thought of. 

8 comments on "top ten tuesdays! (07)"

Alissa wrote: Tue Sep 20, 10:07:00 PM

Hehe, Sarah Dessen's books ARE good! Most of them, anyway. There are very few duds. :D

I totally forgot about If I Stay. I could've added that to my list, too. I own Hold Still... just haven't read it. =/

Jenny wrote: Wed Sep 21, 12:32:00 AM

I almost added The Adoration of Jenna Fox too. That's one I definitely feel behind on.

Anonymous wrote: Wed Sep 21, 12:51:00 AM

Ooh, fabulous list! I have never read a Sarah Dessen book either. I'm not protesting them, I just haven't gotten around to them. I SOOOOOO loved "Jellicoe Road." In fact, after I read it, I immediately read two more of Melina Marchetta's novels. All I have left now are her fantasy books. Please also read "The Book Thief," "Paranormalcy" and the "If I Stay"/"Where She Went" series. I'd wait for the hubub to quiet down about "Lola." It was lots of fun, but I ultimately liked "Anna" better.

Anonymous wrote: Wed Sep 21, 12:52:00 AM

Oops, I forgot to add that my list is at Teen Lit Rocks if you want to compare notes!

Jennifer | Mrs Q Book Addict wrote: Wed Sep 21, 09:41:00 AM

I was surprised by how many people had The Book Thief on their list. It was an amazing read. I haven't read any Sarah Dessen either.

We Heart YA wrote: Wed Sep 21, 11:06:00 AM

Ditto #1 and #3, haha. But Ingrid likes Sarah Dessen, so the rest of us will get around to her eventually.

We're pretty sure you'll like Book Thief (although, give it time -- Kristan almost put it down after 170 pages, but Sarah made her keep going, and it was SO worth it) and If I Stay and Hold Still.

Paranormalcy is more of a fluff read. The voice is amusing and the concept is cool, but it's not going to change your world. So that might be a good one if you just want to smile and decompress.

Emma wrote: Wed Sep 21, 01:52:00 PM

PLEASE PLEASE read Melina Marchetta. Especially Jellicoe Road and Finnikin of the Rock. And Saving Francesca and The Piper's Son. But seriously, Finnikin is my favorite. Holy Schnikes, they hold a special place on my shelf. So wonderful and moving, and definitely timeless. If you choose any of the books on this list, def pick up some Melina-goodness.

Nomes wrote: Sat Sep 24, 10:26:00 AM

oh, HOLD STILL is completely gorgeous and definitely needs more attention <3

also, i hope you get a chance to read JELLICOE ~ it is one of my absolute faves <3

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